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For the last two years, the Endow Waterville Partnership Committee has been actively involved in using funds generously donated to the Endow Waterville Partnership to enhance family life, recreational opportunities and improvements in our community.

Visit the gazebo park and notice the patio area and improvements made to accommodate community activities, and then notice the new, rubberized benches placed in the Waterville park playground to accommodate children and family members enjoying the playground area. The Color Dash event and donations have enabled the Endow Waterville Partnership to plan for a roof to be constructed over the gazebo park platform and a portable cover over the baby pool in the swimming area of the city park.

The Endow Waterville Partnership offers an opportunity for individuals, families and businesses to provide donated dollars, managed by Kansas Rural Communities Foundation for Waterville's economic development and beautification. Please continue reading the following information on the new and convenient website developed by the KRCF for the covenience of interested donors and the Kansas Association of Community Foundation's new effort, Keep 5 in Kansas. If interested or have questions, please contact Ann Walter, Rod Christie or David Vermetten. Ann Walters EWF at (785-363-2343}, inquire by writing P.O. Box 232, Waterville, KS 66548 or e-mail at: endow_waterville@bluevalley.net

The Kansas Rural Communities Foundation proudly unveiled a new website this past spring developed by Reflective Group. This event was exceptionally important both for KRCF and for affiliated funds like the Endow Watrville Parnership Fund. "The new website allows potential donors to give any amount they choose from the comfort of their own home at anytime that is convenient for them. It is as simple as going to the Kansas Rural Communities Website, picking the Endow Waterville Partnership Fund from our list of funds and following a couple of quick easy steps", said Glenn Brunkow, Executive Director of KRCF. The new website can be found at www.theKRCF.org. The Kansas Rural Communities Foundation is a 501c3 organization, and all donations to KRCF in the name of Endow Waterville Partnership are completely tax deductible. "Why Keep 5 in Kansas" from the Kansas Association of Community Foundations. "What would you do to make sure the things that matter to you today have a secure future long after you're gone? How can you help ensure that future generations will benefit from the wonderful resources in your community? We have an opportunity in Kansas to turn our hopes for the future into reality. Our state is currently experiencing an unprecedented transfer of wealth(/why-keep-5-in-kansas/why-now). Studies show that by 2020, $79 billion will change hands from one generation to the next in Kansas. If we capture a portion of this wealth-even just 5%-by setting up endowments through community foundations (/why-keep-5-in-kansas/what-is-a-community-foundation), we could provide a permanent source of funding for local organizations and causes that will greatly improve the lives of Kansans." View: http://keepfiveinkansas.com/why-keep-5-in-kansas.

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