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Assoc:    Chamber of Commerce
Time:     12:00 P .M. Every second Tuesday
Where:  Weaver Hotel
Desc xxStriving to make our community better
Dues:     Ten dollars individual, forty dollars business
Contact: Ann Walter-President

:    Friends of the Waterville Library
Desc xxWorking to make a better library and learning center. Maintain books and tapes offered for sale at the library:    Sidewalk book sales throughout the year. Always fresh material. Donations gladly accepted.
Dues:     Adults: $10.00. Teens: $5.00 Students: $3.00. Families: $15.00. Patrons: $20.00. Lifetime: $100.00
Meets:    Third Tuesday at 4:00 P.M. at the Library.
Contact: Sharon Tteagarden-King and Jeanette Bergquest 785-363-2236 dhking@bluevalley.net

:    Valley Heights Leo Club Ages 12-21
Time:     Every first Sunday 4:00 P.M. or 7:00 P.M. depending on school activities
Where:  Alternates: Teen Center and United Methodist Church, Waterville.
Desc xxCommunity involvement supported by Lions club
Duesi   Five dollar entry fee. Three dollars annually
Contact: Advisor: Sharon Tteagarden-King 785-363-2236

Valley Height Leo Club keep 2 miles of highway 77 clean

:    Waterville Lions Club
Time:     6:00 P .M. Every first and third Monday
Where:  Waterville Community Center
Desc xxGood community service and friendship
Dues:     $75.00 Annual fee
Contact: Secretary Sharon Tteagarden-King 785-363-2236

:    Holy Moly Kids Bible Club -Grades K-4
Time:     5:00 P .M. 1st and 3rd Sunday
Where:  Waterville United Methodist Church
Desc xxEvening worship, bible study and fellowship meal. Young minds and good faith. What better combination?
Dues:     Free
Contact: Sharon Teagarden-King 785-363-2236 email: dhking@bluevalley.net Asst Leaders Marsha Taylor and Sam Dummermuth

:    Teens For Christ - Methodist Youth Group -Grades 5-12
Time:     2nd and 3rd Sunday
Where:  Waterville United Methodist Church
Contact: Sharon Teagarden-King 785-363-2236 email: dhking@bluevalley.net

Youth for Christ Group present an annual Good Friday drama

Assoc:    Let Them Sing! Children's Chorus, Waterville, KS -Grades K-6th
Time:     10:00 to 11:00 am every Saturday
Where:  Waterville United Methodist Church. (Membership not required).
Desc xxOpen to all children in surrounding communities. This group will be performing about once a month at local events, local churches and by special request!
Dues:     There is no charge for the program.
Contact: Marsha Taylor 785-363-6010 or gtmarsha@aol.com
Link:       Flyer Information

Let Them Sing-Childrens Community Chorus

Let Them Sing-Children's Community Chorus

:    Valley Heights Boy Scout Troop 137
Time:     2:00 - 4:00 P.M. every Sunday
Where:  Scout  House in Waterville City Park
Desc xxOpen to boys 11 years old or have completed 5th grade or Arrow of Light
Contact: Larry Taylor Assistant Scoutmaster 785-363-6010 or gtlarry@yahoo.com

Boy Scout Troop 137

The Scouts at Summer Camp

Assoc:    Girl Scouts Troop 622
Time:     7:00 P.M First and Third Wednesdays
Where:  United Methodist Church Waterville
Contact: Sharon Teagarden-King 785-363-2236 email: dhking@bluevalley.net

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