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Incorporated in 1870, Waterville began as a railroad town. Its early spirit was fostered by the fact that the Central Branch railroad line started in Atchison- some 100 miles away- and ended in Waterville. Here, the rail met the prairie and they both brought their spirit to our town. A diverse mixture of prairie folks and farmers would travel to Waterville to pick up goods delivered by the railroad. The railroad kept our town vital, informed, and economically sound. This mixture of '"plains and trains" produced a high current of activity that helped formed Waterville.

The seal has a blue background symbolizing both the "Little Blue River" -bringing water and mills to Waterville- and our clear blue skies. The sunflower not only represents the state of Kansas but also an image of the sun. It implies warmth, harvest and growth. The train and buffalo symbolize the meeting and interaction of plain and train. The water at the bottom symbolizes our own Lake Idlewild, adding a dimension to our town name.

The wheat stalks, along with the silo, shows the abundance produced by our town. The windmill demonstrates our love of self-reliance. It reminds us that the "prairie wind" not only brings challenges, but also cools and refreshes us. And the prairie wind-along with the wheat stalks-produce the waves we see rolling across our flint hills in the beautiful "amber waves of grain".